Dryclean Depot Delivers Now Delivers to All of Oakland County! New Customers Receive 50% OFF First Order!

Save time and money by making the switch to Dryclean Depot Delivers! Let us Pick Up & Deliver your order today!

$4.99 ANY Garment Drycleaned!
$2.99 Laundered Dress Shirts!


How It Works:

1. Download the "" APP in the Apple or Android APP STORE.

2. "Sign Up" and create a Dryclean Depot Delivers profile. Input your desired Pick Up & Delivery Address and other account information.

3. Place your order through the Dryclean Depot APP and a emailed notification will be sent to you immediately. A Dryclean Depot Delivers driver also gets notified and will pick up your order from your desired location within 24 hours.

4. Your order will be Picked Up, Cleaned & Pressed, and Delivered within two business days. A emailed receipt will be sent to you once it is in process. We will also attach a for future use.