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The Dryclean Depot Advantage


Superior service, environmental consciousness, and the utmost in quality cleaning have made Dryclean Depot the number one dry cleaner in any area we operate, with state-of-the-art facilities offering dry cleaning and laundry of any garment – all for one low price of $2.99 per garment for dry cleaning and $1.29 for laundry shirts (in most stores).

From the time a garment enters our facility, it is inspected to ensure that nothing is overlooked. With only hypo-allergenic detergents, all garments are pre-spotted using advanced techniques, dress shirts have their collars and cuffs thoroughly scrubbed prior to washing and all items are pressed by hand.

Once the garments are cleaned, they are pressed and meticulously packaged. All garments are packaged to ensure that they do not wrinkle after you have picked up your garments.

Dryclean Depot’s competition isn’t other cleaners, it is your washing machine. For a price of $2.99 for any garment no longer do you have to lose the color, shape or size of your favorite garments by washing them in water. Our price allows you to dryclean virtually everything. For example; jeans and levis….remember that “store fit” feel you got when you shelled out all that cash for those jeans…..only to have to wiggle into them because they shrink when you wash them? It is virtually impossible to shrink garments in the drycleaning process. The drycleaning process is 99.5% water free..we do not have to heat the garments up nearly as much as your clothes dryer to dry them. Plus our environmentally friendly machines cool down every garment so the fiber does not have to expand and contract, like a washing machine.


Historically women have been forced to pay more to dryclean their garments…simply because they are female. Dryclean Depot has gender friendly pricing!!

Dryclean Depot is open till 8PM Mon-Friday. People have busy schedules and Dryclean Depot keeps up with themby staying open later.

In by 9 out by 5…NO extra charge! At Dryclean Depot because we do the clothes on premises you can have your clothes the same day. If you bring your clothes in after 9am they will be ready for you by 5PM the following day!