Is your baggy loose shirt in need of an alteration? Or do your trousers need to be resized? How about the length of your curtains and bedsheets? At Dry-clean Depot, our skilled staff will take care of all your alteration and mending needs to ensure a perfect fit for you! Our quick alteration services are matchless!


Sometimes your clothes need a little extra attention to provide a better fit. At Dry-clean Depot, we are leaders in offering quality and quick alteration services of most items, including your wedding dress alteration, all types of outfits and home apparels. Our experienced specialists offer a tailored service to meet your custom needs, be it re-stitching, adjustment of your shirt lengths or the size modifications of clothes or bed linens. We provide the best resizing clothing services in town. Save your time and bring your clothes to us. We are conveniently located in Royal Oak and Detroit.

Service time depends on the item you bring and the changes that need to be made.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1. Drop off your items or request a pickup service from our company.

2. Your clothes will be altered/resized according to your specifications.

3. Following our prompt service, you can either pickup your altered items or we can deliver them right to your door!

Have a special request for a quick alteration? Don’t forget to call and let us know! We make sure that every garment is a perfect fit!