Welcome From the Founder…

Thank you for your interest in Dryclean Depot. What started out as a couple guys building drycleaning stores in Rockville Maryland in 1996 has transformed into a viable Franchise that reaches from Maryland to Michigan.

You are probably a customer in one of our stores seeing first hand the difference between other drycleaners and Dryclean Depot. We try to make Drycleaners customer friendly from the time you walk into our clean spacious stores, to the expanded service we provide. Our Mission is to provide the customer a positive experience and that begins and ends with Service.

We know our price of $2.99 brings customers into our stores…..it is the service and quality that keeps them coming back. We strongly believe that our competition is not other drycleaners but our customers wash machine and ironing board. With our low prices and the care we give the garments customers rely on us for their garment care.

Many of you have nice comfortable jobs, unchallenging and routine. If you do and you are happy with it my advice is to stay there, as Dryclean Depot is not for you. Our stores routinely experience incredible growth patterns, this challenge alone would bowl over the average person. At Dryclean Depot our financial security is directly tied to service and customer satisfaction.

There is no mold for Dryclean Depot Franchisees I have learned long ago that the cover of a book has nothing to do with the value of it’s contents. We have people from all walks of life. Their common thread is self motivation combined with their belief in themselves and the desire to succeed.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Dryclean Depot Franchisee fill out the questionnaire in this section and we will get you more information.


Randy M. Lievan
Dryclean Depot Franchises