Franchisee FAQ

What is Dryclean Depot?

Dryclean Depot is the trademarked name of a fast growing group of One Price, Discount dry cleaning stores. Dryclean Depot will continue growing, and the key to our growth is excellent people to grow with. We believe in the discount dry cleaning concept and have perfected it. Our stores are large and modern. Our operating system is streamlined and efficient. Our franchisees are trained and professional. From the sign on the front of the building, to the environmentally friendly machines installed on the premises, Dryclean Depots are high tech and functional stores.

Why One Price?

Dryclean Depot believes we can clean a coat for the same price as a pair of pants, and history has proved us correct. Our customers enjoy knowing what all garments cost. We believe the increased volume is due to the One Price marketing. Our history and success has proven that fact over and over again.

Why Discount?

Dry cleaning has traditionally been overpriced. The price charged for cleaning is generally the price people will pay, not what the garment costs to clean. For example, the average price of dry cleaning a women’s dress is $9.25. Our price is $2.99. Do we make money at $2.99? Because of who we are and how we do things, we do. How legitimate is the $9.25 price? Our customers do not think it is. Discount pricing works, without a doubt. The key to discount pricing is the efficiency of the operation. We believe in efficiency, and we teach it. Our stores are designed for it.

What makes Dryclean Depot so Unique?

The combination of physical characteristics and intangible items. We are very experienced. We have done it before and anticipate problems before they become problems. We live and breathe customer service. It is our mainstay. We want our customers to walk away feeling they got more for less. In a world with the attitude of selling you less for more, our concept has created quite a stir.

We stress low price to the consumer, and customer service that is a cut above everyone else. Our production systems can be copied, but our attitude cannot. Our efficiency starts with plant design, and continues on through the term of the franchise. This factor above all others makes it almost impossible for copycats to succeed.